CO's Message

Welcome to the 2019-20 training year! The 2019- 2020 Training Year will be a busy year filled with many different training days, survival exercises and learning opportunities for one and all.

For those returning - Welcome back! For the new cadets - Welcome to the unit!

The staff and Senior NCO team have many talents and drive to make this Squadron even better as well as help each and everyone of you become leaders of the future. With all of us striving to be our best and using our talents, I can envision the Squadron being one of the best in the region. As a leader of the future, remember that we are there to help each other in times of strength and weakness, provide guidance to those who need it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. When we ask for help it is a sign of personal growth and when we all grow our skills and knowledge we will grow as a Squadron.

I would like to welcome all returning cadets back to the unit and hope that you were able to enjoy your summer – whether you were at summer training or enjoying time with your families. For those who went to summer training, I hope you can utilize the new skills you learned in helping make our Squadron even better.

To all our new cadets – welcome to 810 Grant McConachie Squadron. Throughout your time with the Squadron there will be many opportunities to learn from those who have come before you and impart your wisdom to those who will come after you.

Having said all this, I would still like to clarify a few things: Training at an air cadet squadron is divided up into 3 main areas…

  1. Mandatory Training – This is training designed for you that you must complete in order to advance your level training. Failure to do so may include holding you back from completing your level till the next training year.
  2. Complementary Training – This training augments the Mandatory Training and as such it is also compulsory to attend in attaining your level.
  3. Optional Training – Optional Training is just that. This training covers Band, Sports teams, Drill teams, Marksmanship teams, Biathlon teams and effective speaking. Optional training does help you when it comes down to advancement and promotions.

As one of the bigger squadrons, we do try to offer and much variety and diversity in our training plan so the cadets have a wider spectrum in their cadet careers.

While the staff and I will try to provide as much information about all the opportunities available, parents and cadets please don’t be afraid to ask questions if you would like to know more.

On behalf of all the Officers, Civilian Instructors and Volunteers, I welcome you all to 810 Grant McConachie RCACS!

B.L.A. (Brittney) Pilkington
Commanding Officer
810 Grant McConachie Squadron