Volunteer Time


Our organization survives on the efforts of many volunteers that dedicate countless hours to our program and others. The Guardians of 810 would like to ensure that we have better visibility into the time that is spent in our community and will look in the future to recognize and reward those that donate their time to our communties.

This tool will also be a handy tool for our cadets to track their time and show their contributions over their cadet career. This has potential to be a valuable recsource in preparing for scholarships and job interviews.

Please use the form below to track your volunteer efforts. Everyone is encouraged to use the tool: military staff, cadets, parents, and board members. Feel free to enter hours back to the beginning of the training year (September 2019).

Volunteer Time Tracking Entry

If you are a cadet entering hours, you don't need to fill this out. Simply ensure your name is in the top field.


Enter a brief description of what you volunteered for and where. Please ensure the organization name is included if you volunteered for something non-squadron related.

Examples would be:

  • Squadron Effective Speaking Setup
  • Attended the October Parent Meeting
  • Delivered Gifts for Santa's Anonymous

Who Can Use This Form?

Everyone! Military, Cadets, Parents, Board Members are all encouraged to track their volunteer time here.

What Type of Volunteering Can I Track?

All of it! 

We ask that you indicate if it was cadet-related or not, but we'd love to know about all of your time spent volunteering. If you volunteered at work for a United Way function, set up a fundrasier at your church, coached a youth soccer team, or sit on the board of your community league, please enter it here!

Why Are You Tracking This?

The Guardians of 810 would like to get a better idea of who is volunteering where and how much. This type of data will allow us to better engage parents in meaningful volunteer work that is rewarding without creating unintentional downsides.

As a wing (Northeastern Alberta) and a Region, there is a drive to ensure we recognize the important work that volunteers contribute. Adding your time to this form will allow is to help recognize volunteers that contribute to our community and inspire others to do the same.

Lastly, cadets will be able to request a report as they prepare for scholarship boards and job interviews allowing them to recount their efforts with detail.