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 810 Grant McConachie Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

810 Grant McConachie Squadron has molded hundreds of youth over the last 46 years into leaders of the future.

Cadets will explore aviation, survival, instruction, leadership, marksmanship and many other skills throughout their time with the cadet program.

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We're excited to announce a new fundraiser for the squadron: The Riverbend Gardens CSA Fundraiser!

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is when families pre-purchase a set number of weeks of fresh produce from a farm in their local area. In the case of Riverbend Gardens, the CSA is 15 weeks long starting in early July and offers unbelieveably fresh, high-quality, and locally grown produce for your family, starting as low as $23 per week.

Sign-up is now open. We encourage cadet families to purchase the CSA and to offer it to extended family, co-workers, and neighbours. 

Riverbend Gardens will be donating 15% of all sales made by cadets back to the squadron!

Bingo Signup

A new year means new Bingo committments for all of our cadet families. The first dates for the training year are out and still in need of sign-ups. There will be more dates into 2019 but we encourage you to get some of your bingos out of the way early.

Details here:
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About 810 and Air Cadets

Learn more about 810 Air Cadet Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, the programs we offer, and how you can get your child involved. 

The three aims of the air cadet program are to:

  • Develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces

Attention Parents and Guardians of Cadets:

The key way for the squadron to provide up-to-date information regarding training, events, and other program information is through our email list. If you have an active cadet (or are thinking about enrolling your child), you should be signed up to this list. 

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Weekly Announcements

Check here often for updated information on cadet activities.

Spring Gliding: May 26
May 26: 0730 Arrival at Kenilworth School
Eat breakfast before hand.  Dress warmly as cadets will be outside.
Lunch is provided.
Cadets will call when on the way home - it may be an earlier return depending on the weather.
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Wednesday May 22: Regular Training 
WHEN: 1815 - 2100hrs
WHERE: Rundle Park: 2909 113 Ave; Family Centre Parking Lot
DRESS: Civilian Clothing
OTHER: small team games, cake and snacks provided.
Monday May 27: Band Training
WHEN: 1900 - 2100hrs
WHERE: Kenilworth School
DRESS: Civilian Clothing
OTHER: Bring music and instrument
Wednesday May 29: Regular Training 
WHEN: 1815 - 2130hrs
WHERE: Kenilworth School
DRESS: Summer Dress

June 1, 2019: Annual Ceremonial Parade and Awards Banquet

Parade: Vimy Ridge Academy: 8205 90 Ave NW

Cadets to arrive for 0900hrs.  Eat breakfast before arriving.

Parade begins at 1100hrs.  All guests to be seated by 1050hrs.

Full uniform.

Awards Banquet: Canadian Druze Centre: 14304 134 Ave

Arrive for 1530hrs.  Approx end time of 2000hrs.

Cadets are free.  Parents and siblings need to purchase a ticket:

What Makes 810 Special?

For over 46 years, 810 Grant McConachie Squadron has molded hundred of Alberta youth into the leaders of the future. Cadet training explores aviation, survival, instruction, leadership, marksmanship, and many other skills. 

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are eligible for the program and mandatory training is on Wednesday evenings at Kenilworth School in Edmonton.