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 810 Grant McConachie Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

810 Grant McConachie Squadron has molded hundreds of youth over the last 49 years into leaders of the future.

Cadets will explore aviation, survival, instruction, leadership, marksmanship and many other skills throughout their time with the cadet program.



Please go to the following link to register for 810 Grant McConachie: Join the Cadet Program - 

After registering your email address to that link another link will be emailed to you to take you to the form.

We are meeting virtually using Zoom and need the cadets to have their own email addresses.



Cadets and Volunteers that attend any in-person events must report to the Squadron if they receive a positive result COVID-19 test.

Report positive results here: (Link is also in the menu).

Getting Started

Information for prospective Cadets and Parents

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Events, training information, and more happening this week.

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About 810 and Air Cadets

Learn more about 810 Air Cadet Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, the programs we offer, and how you can get your child involved. 

The three aims of the air cadet program are to:

  • Develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces
Cadet Ceremony

Attention Parents and Guardians of Cadets:

The key way for the squadron to provide up-to-date information regarding training, events, and other program information is through our email list. If you have an active cadet (or are thinking about enrolling your child), you should be signed up to this list. 

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A Note From Supply

For virtual training, cadets are asked to wear their I Am 810 Tshirt(if you have one). For those who do not have this shirt, a navy blue tshirt or nice shirt is recommended. 
You do not need to do anything, supply staff will find you when it is time to be measured.
The Cadet Dress Regulations outlines the standards to meet with wearing the uniform. How to lace boots, tie a tie, sew badges, how to wear your hair, etc. See: Cadet Dress Regulations

Uniform Care

Do not cut pant legs, they must be hemmed only.  

Do not glue badges onto the tunics, they must be sewn only.

Washing - your cadet uniform washes very well and looks better the more it is washed.  It is expected that all parts of your uniform are washed regularly and you should be washing your short sleeve shirt every week.        

Weekly Announcements

Check here often for updated information on cadet activities. If youa re going to be absent, please report it here: Report an Absence

The Squadron is now located at Allendale School: 6415 106St Edmonton, AB.

New Cadet Registration will begin in September 2021. Link to register is at the top of this page.

Virtual Band

Mondays at 1900 -2100 hrs
Intent form:

810 Virtual Ground School

Saturday Morning 0900 - 1200 hrs


Tuesdays 1730 - 2000 hrs
Intent form


Level Training Resources

Level Training Resource page will have information provided in the classes posted here. Recordings of the lessons will also be posted. 

Items may include worksheets, hand outs, activity pages, etc. 

Level Resources Page

What Makes 810 Special?

For over 46 years, 810 Grant McConachie Squadron has molded hundred of Alberta youth into the leaders of the future. Cadet training explores aviation, survival, instruction, leadership, marksmanship, and many other skills. 

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are eligible for the program and mandatory training is on Wednesday evenings at Kenilworth School in Edmonton.