Parent Fundraising

Funding the Squadron - Essential Parent Support


There is no cost for membership or registration and no cost for uniforms. The basic training is partially funded through the Department of National Defense. Additional activities are funded through the Sponsors Committee: The Guardians of 810 Squadron. “The Guardians” (for short) is an organization that includes all parents and guardians of registered cadets within 810 Squadron.
Without the participation of parents and guardians, many activities would not be possible and the cadets may not be able to enjoy additional activities.

We ask that all parents make a commitment to volunteer 20 hours of time throughout the year. Participation in fundraising is the responsibility equally of the cadets and parents or guardians as members of the sponsoring committee. If as parents you are unable to commit time and talent, serious consideration should be given to a financial commitment through The Guardians. It costs approximately $1,766.00 per Cadet to run the program.

How can I help?



We run a monthly Bingo at Castledowns Bingo. Bingos are very important to our fundraising program and give our group a monthly boost. By participating in Bingos, we are able to earn a Casino date.

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up to fulfill your Bingo volunteer requirement.



As part of Charitable Gaming sanctioned by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commissioning (AGLC), 810 Air has been granted the opportunity to volunteer at a casino in Edmonton. AGLC provides organizations with a 2-day session at a local casino where volunteers are required to help facilitate the operations. Each organization is provided with a casino every 18-24 months which provides significant fundraising for the organization. 

Our next casino dates are expected to be in November 2026.


Drop&Go Ongoing Bottle Drive

Thank you for your support on our September 13 Bottle Drive. We collected 85 bags of bottles for a total of $448.90 to support cadet activities this year.

Every little bit adds up quickly to ensure we can continue to fund the amazing cadet activities!

Did you know?

You can donate your bottles at any time of the year at a time and place that is convenient for you. Here’s how to do it.

STEP 1: Create a SkipTheDepot account first. Then follow the Drop&Go service Process.

How to Use the Drop&Go Process


STEP 2: Download the app or register online

Download SkipTheDepot from the App Store or Google Play, or visit our web app. Sign up by entering your address (used to find the closest location) and donation preference. The app will take you through the easy process step by step.

STEP 3: Put your ID on your bags and Drop&Go

Find the closest drop location to you in the app or website (it's marked on the map). Write your 4-digit customer ID on your bags and go to the drop location. Use the APP or Website to snap a quick picture of your bags (for security purposes) and drop the bags into the designated area! NOTE: All the available drop-off locations are located in the app when you initiate a new drop-off.


  • FOLLOW the step-by-step instructions on the SkiptheDepot mobile app. It walks you through each step.
  • All the available drop-off locations are located in the app when you start a new drop-off.
  • Label your bags with your 4-digit customer number at home before going to the bottle depot.
  • When you are at the drop-off location inside the bottle depot, you will see the option on your phone that asks where to donate:
  • Search for Guardians of 810 Air Cadet Squadron Society.
  • Select it.

STEP 4: That’s it!

Bottle Depot staff will count your bags and credit your account within 48 hours after pickup. We even show you what we counted! Cash out to donate the refund to 810 Air.


Other Fundraisers

From time to time we run other fundraisers that support the squadron. If you have a fundraising initiative that you'd like the board to consider, please feel free to bring it up at a meeting. Parents should plan on volunteering additional time for fundraisers throughout the year.