Parent Fundraising

Funding the Squadron - Essential Parent Interaction

There is no cost for membership or registration and no cost for uniforms. The basic training is partially funded through the Department of National Defense. Additional activities are funded through the Sponsors committee: The Guardians of 810 Squadron. “The Guardians” (for short) is an organization that includes all parents and guardians of registered cadets within 810 Squadron.
Without the participation of parents and guardians many activities would not be possible and the cadets may not be able to enjoy additional activities.

We ask that all parents make a commitment to volunteer 20 hours of time throughout the year. Participation in fund raising is the responsibility equally of the cadets and parents or guardians as members of the sponsoring committee.
If as parents you are unable to commit time and talent, serious consideration should be given to a financial commitment through The Guardians. It costs approximately $1,766.00 per Cadet to run the program.

How can I help?

We run a monthly Bingo at Castledowns Bingo Hall, 12222 137 Av.
Bingos are very important to our fundraising program, Bingos give our group a monthly boost and by participating in Bingos we are able to earn a Casino.
Bingo volunteers need to be 18 and older.
We will have a Bingo sign up table set up in September, be prepared to sign up for your bingo commitment.
We require a commitment of 3 Bingos and a Casino per cadet to support the squadron. If you are unable to work at a Casino we require a commitment of 4 Bingos.

Booster Juice gift certificates are available for $5 each or parents can buy the book for $100 (20 coupons) and sell to friends, family or colleagues. These certificates are redeemable at any Booster Juice location for one regular sized smoothie. They will be available for purchase at the squadron and at upcoming events. A great way to support the squadron as well as save some money at Booster Juice!

For more information on current fundraisers please see Mrs. Leah Goodwin as we have different fundraisers throughout the year.