Guide For Parents of New Cadets

A quick start guide for parents that are new to the squadron.


We're excited to have you and your child (or children) as part of the 810 Squadron. This page will help you get started as you and your child start with the program.

Drop-Off Locations and Parking

Please respect the neighbourhood! There are to be no drop-offs at the curb by the gym doors on the east side of the street. There are "No Parking" signs there and you may be ticketed for dropping your child off there. There is also no parking in the staff parking lot. Please drop off your child on the north side of the school. Also, please ensure your cadet does not jaywalk. Lastly, please respect the neighbourhood. Loud stereos, loud mufflers, blocking driveways, and other inconsiderate behaviour reflects poorly on the squadron. Please be courteous.

Coming in to the School

While you are required to be carded when around cadets, parents can drop in around 21:00 to watch parade and converse with parents and staff. We're always in need of people willing to take a board seat, volunteer, or otherwise help out the squadron. You are not able to be in the school after parade starts at 18:30 unless you are carded or there is a parent meeting.

Security and Volunteer Screening

All adults that interact with the cadets are required to be screened and "carded". If you have not completed this process, you will be asked to leave the premises within a few minutes of the training starting for the evening. That being said, it is integral for the health of the squadron to have a strong sponsoring board and several volunteers throughout the year. We'd love to discuss having you take part.

Attending Meetings

There are to be three parent meetings per year. These have yet to be scheduled for this year, but will be added to the calendar when they are.

General Structure of the Organization

Please see the Parent Handbook for details on the structure of the organization and what to do if you have an issue you need to resolve.

Other Questions You May Have

Feel free to use the contact form here.