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Resources for Parents of Cadets

810 Squadron Parent Handbook

Please download and read the parent handbook here: 2020-2021 Parent Handbook

Parent Involvement

While the Cadet program is for youth, it offers adults an exciting opportunity to get involved as well. There are many different ways you can have a part in the cadet acitivites that will benefit not just your cadet but the Squadron as a whole.

Here are some ways you can help out:

  • Volunteer to help fundraise at a variety of our planned yearly fundraising activities i.e. Bingos and Casino’s (these provide our largest revenues)
  • Make sure you have provided your email contact information to the “Guardians of 810”.
  • Attend the scheduled “Guardians of 810” parent meetings and attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Sit on mock boards for scholarship candidates.
  • Volunteer for coaching Effective Speaking.
  • Become a board member.

All valuable contributions are welcome, even if it is just a few minutes every week to a few hours throughout the training year.

Supporting and encouraging your child is an important aspect of your role in the program. We ask that you encourage attendance and that you foster positive attitudes toward cadet activities, including fundraising. At the same time, it is important to monitor your child’s participation in cadet activities to gauge the effect on schoolwork and family time.


It is important that you keep the cadet staff informed of any changes that may affect your child’s personal file such as medical concerns, emergency contacts information, legal custody, address, and telephone number.

In order for you to stay informed we encourage you to check the website regularly and to attend the parent meetings throughout the year. This is an opportunity for the sponsoring committee and the Squadron staff to provide valuable information and address any questions you have.

Keep in mind that the responsibility rests on your child to keep informed of the activities at the cadet unit. Every cadet should have the telephone number of the cadet in charge of their flight.

Volunteer Screening

To protect our cadets we have an obligation as responsible parents to ensure that our cadets are as safe as possible. The Air Cadet League and the Department of National Defense expect us to follow a process to screen all adults who will potentially be directly involved with the cadets. 

Note: Screening is NOT a requirement to volunteer for Bingos or Casinos!

We ask that all parents be screened as there are times when you may be asked to drive or assist in some manner within the cadet program and this is a requirement. The process involves a Police Record Check, completing the attached form, and a short interview. The forms are available from the Parents Sponsoring committee members and will be available at the end of each cadet night.

Parent Expectations

What is expected of the parent?

There are a few expectations…

  • NOT washing, ironing, or caring for cadet’s uniforms.
  • NOT polishing the cadet’s boots.
  • TEACH your cadet how to use the washing machine, dryer, and iron.
  • Read the parent handbook
  • Participate in your sponsoring committee
  • Help with fundraising.​​​​​​​
  • Volunteer at Cadet Activities Support​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • ENSURE your cadet is dropped off and picked up ON TIME at ALL Cadet Activities.
  • Encourage your Cadet.
  • Bring QUESTIONS and CONCERNS to the Parent Committee Chairperson

Parent’s Pledge

It is the intention of this pledge to promote respect for all participants within this Cadet organization. All parents must observe the principles of proper conduct as long as their son/daughter/ward is involved in 810.

Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

1. I will not force my child to participate in cadets;
2. I will remember that my child attends cadets for his or her own enjoyment, not mine;
3. I will encourage my child to follow the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence;
4. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcomes of a decision;
5. I will remember that children learn by example;
6. I will applaud good performance shown by all cadets;
7. I will respect and show appreciation for the staff and volunteers who give their time to this organization for my child;
8. I understand that my participation as a volunteer will not affect the success or lack thereof of my child in this organization;
9. I understand that our family will receive information on a regular basis on how we can support the cadets. Though my participation is voluntary, I understand that we are expected to contribute to fund-raising activities to benefit all the cadets;
10. I agree to abide by the rules of the Positive Peer Mentoring Program formerly the Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention Program as well as the established rules and regulations of the Cadet Program;
11. I agree to follow the Chain of Command for parents and encourage my child to follow his/her own Chain of Command.

Costs to the Parents

There is no cost for membership or registration and no cost for uniforms. The basic mandatory training is funded through the Department of National Defense, which provides staffing, uniforms, food rations and transportation for mandatory training, and nominal funding for rent, equipment, and other needs.

Additional Cadet activities and programming is funded through the “Guardians of 810” sponsoring committee’s fundraising efforts which ensure that the Cadets have access to a highly rewarding program that provides them with many opportunities for new experiences, develop leadership and community citizenship, and have fun.

Fundraising provides for core program costs such as the rent of the gym, classrooms, telephone, and class resources. It also provides for gliding experiences, scholarships, band, sports activities, first aid training, awards and recognition, and many others. Fundraising is critical to maintaining the program that all 810 Cadets love. Bingos and Casinos provide the primary source of revenue dollars that we are able to count on. WE ASK THAT EVERYONE DO THEIR PART TO HELP SUPPORT ALL OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS.

Visit our Fundraising Page to Learn More


~Together we make light of hard work~

Through our continued and combined efforts, the 810 Grant McConachie Air Cadet Squadron is one of the most successful in Alberta.
​​​​​​​810 RCACS, once again, achieved recognition for being the top squadron in the region in 2016.