Squadron Effective Speaking

Squadron Effective Speaking Competition

Date: TBA March 2021

Location: Zoom

Cadets to arrive at 930am in full uniform with ribbons. If you don’t have a uniform yet – black pants and white shirt.

Wing Effective Speaking Competition

April 2021 via Zoom

Top 2-3 cadets from Squadron Competition attend.


Effective Speaking Practices

Saturdays from 9-11am via Zoom:


Registration Form for all cadets competing:  ES Registration Form

Resource for Cadets participating in Effective Speaking: ES-Cadet-Workbook

Additional Information:

2021 Topics

  • How should we remember and honour the sacrifices made by those who serve our nation?
  • What are the greatest challenges facing the aviation industry today?
  • Describe an historical event and what it meant to Canada
  • Describe a Canadian hero and the impact they made or are making on our society
  • What does bravery mean to you?
  • What have you learned form teh COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What does diversity mean to you?
  • What can you do to be a good environmental steward?
  • Cadet’s Choice: The Cadet’s Choice must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life, Science and Technology, Aviation, Canadian History or Citizenship.