Guardians Of 810 Society Board Members

The squadron relies on its parent sponsoring committee, the Guardians of 810 Society.

The squadron relies on its parent sponsoring committee, the Guardians of 810 Society. The Guardians are comprised of a group of highly dedicated parents and guardians, who volunteer their time to fundraise and support cadet activities. 

2023/24 Board of Directors

Name Position
Terry Sharp Chair
Shehwana Aftab Vice-Chair
Albert Qin Treasurer
Kirstin Scobie Secretary
Vacant Fundraising
Vacant Fundraising
Vacant Bingo
Vacant Bingo
Vacant Parent Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator
Vacant Volunteer Screening
Vacant Events and Purchasing
Vacant Director-at-Large
Abdoulaye Barry Director-at-Large
Dulcie El-Hayek Director-at-Large
Vacant Director-at-Large
Yana Ilin Past Chair

To contact any member of the board, please CLICK HERE to email us and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate director.


Guardians of 810 Board of Directors - Roles and Responsibilities

Without a sponsoring commitee, there cannot be a squadron for our children to participate in. Therefore, it is integral that we have parents come forward to volunteer on the board for the Guardians of 810. Elections are held in May of each year at the Annual General Meeting. If you are willing to consider a role, please talk with a board-parent to let them know and plan to be present at the AGM in May.

You can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each of the positions by reading below, or if you prefer, you can download a copy by clicking here.


  • Presides over all board meetings, and is a member of all committees of the Board
  • Acts as liaison between the Provincial and Regional League
  • Acts as liaison between Parents and Officers
  • Acts as liaison between the League Representative and Parents
  • Keeps Board of Directors informed about Provincial issues and matters of interest from information gained from regional meetings and networks 
  • Oversees big picture of organization and future planning
  • Assists the Secretary in developing the agenda for each Board meeting and meetings of the Society when called
  • Assists the Treasurer with preparation of draft budgets for Board and Society approval
  • Oversees various Committees and Directors to ensure accountability and consistency with planning
  • Assists the Commanding Officer in the planning of yearly activities
  • Assists the Commanding Officer to ensure that the squadron has adequate staff
  • Assists the Commanding Officer to ensure all optional activities are conducted
  • Assists the Staff in awards, promotions, etc.
  • Supports the staff with scholarship preparation and effective speaking preparation
  • Supports the recruitment of new Board members to fill vacant positions 
  • Oversees the Volunteer Screening process and ensures that all screening is done in a timely manner
  • Ensures that new board members are supported in learning about the Board, the organization and their roles


  • Fulfills duties of President when necessary
  • Assists the President in overseeing the Volunteer Screening process and ensures that all screening is done in a timely manner
  • Supports the President with scholarship preparation and effective speaking preparation
  • Other responsibilities as may be assigned


  • Oversee the custody all of Guardians of 810 funds and securities
  • Responsible to keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, and ensures that the books belonging to the Guardians of 810 are kept up to date
  • Provides regular written reports to board members
  • Prepares financial reports for the Board, and the Society for approval
  • Develops draft budgets for consideration of the Board and approval by the Society
  • Ensures that all financial activities follow appropriate guidelines for managing finances and are consistent with policies that may be established by the Board
  • Completes required gaming and government reports


  • Takes minutes of monthly Board meetings, providing a summary of discussions, documenting decisions, and recording votes, as well as other information as required.
  • Prepares the agenda for each board meeting, working with the President and other Board members to identify agenda items
  • Coordinates all written communication from the Board of Directors
  • Sends out formal communications
  • Assists with implementing the annual recruitment campaigns as required
  • Place advertisements in local media (i.e. newspapers, signage, etc)


  • Implement the Fundraising plans as discussed at Board Meetings
  • Seek out new and appropriate fundraising activities and present to the Board


  • Assists in the Coordination of the ACR and Mess Dinner
  • Plans other Events as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Obtain quotes, purchase agreed upon gifts for Volunteers, Officers and guests
  • Develop Print material
  • Work in conjunction with the staff to purchase supplies


  • Ensure information is passed onto the Parents of Cadets, e-mails newsletters and updates
  • Recruiting adequate number of volunteers to work bingo’s, casino’s and other events
  • Tracks volunteer fundraising commitments, identifying to the Board when commitments are not being fulfilled.
  • Create and update e-mail lists of current parents


  • Be available to parents to discuss the volunteer screening process
  • Distributes volunteer screening packages for volunteer completion
  • Reviews all completed screening packages
  • Submits Criminal Information Check forms to police services for completion
  • Set-ups and interviews potential volunteers
  • Completes all reference calls

BINGO DIRECTOR – 2 positions

  • The 2 Bingo Director positions work together to:
    • Act as Bingo Chairperson at each scheduled bingo
    • Serve as Casino Chairperson when the Society has been approved for a casino
    • Work with the Parent Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that there are sufficient volunteers for each event
    • Ensure that all required paperwork is completed
    • Liaise with the Castledowns Bingo staff to ensure all matters are attended to                                                                                                                                              

Bingo Roles and Responsibilities

  • Follows up with parents who have signed up for the dated Bingo 3 weeks in advance of the actual Bingo date.
  • This information is acquired from the Parent Liaison Director.  An email is sent c/o the Bingo Director to parents/guardians as a reminder to them of their commitment and also includes a link to the volunteer scheduling website. Those who cannot make their commitment must find an alternate replacement that can work their bingo on their behalf.  ALL PERSONS WORKING BINGO’S MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. 

Bingo Volunteer Requirements

  • Minimum volunteer requirement at all Bingo’s is 12
  • Monday to Wednesday - Minimum 12 + 2 (or 4)
  • Thursday- Minimum 12 + 4
  • Friday-Minimum 12 + 6
  • Saturday-Minimum 12 +6
  • Sunday-Minimum 12 +2

The Bingo Director/Coordinator then checks the website to see that all positions are fulfilled-if they are not then emails are sent out/or may text the parents to remind them.  This is often coordinated with the Parent Liaison Director as sometimes new volunteers need to be recruited-a mass email is sometimes sent out to all parents.  This can be tedious but necessary!

The Bingo Chairperson must be a volunteer position and is responsible for the overall operation of the event in consultation with the bingo advisor at the Bingo Hall. The chairperson is usually/but not limited to the 810 Bingo Director or could be assigned to the 810 Bingo Coordinator as needed.

This responsibility of the Bingo Chair Person includes:  

  • Supervising all volunteers
  • Assigning duties to volunteers
  • Ensuring the secure handling of cash
  • Making sure all volunteers are on time signed in (and keep a log of those in attendance for reference for 810)
  • Complying with the Financial/Inventory Control System of the Bingo Hall